COVID-19 Guideline
For Matches Hosted by Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU)

Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU) gives its maximum considerations to the prevention of COVID-19 infection to safely hold and manage each match that it hosts. However, please note that, if there is any discrepancy between the circumstances of the moment or the relevant local authority's judgement or request and the tournament organizer's intents, the local authority's decision shall prevail and the tournament policy might be changed at short notice. *Notification of changes to the tournament policy or the guideline will be posted on the JRFU official website as well as its social media channels.

JRFU COVID-19 Prevention Policies and Guidelines (Japanese only):

■Notes on Ticket Purchase

Please be sure to read and agree with the following notes on tickets before purchasing:
*Please note that, if any of the following applies to you and then your admission is not allowed, or, if you have any signs of infection and refrain from attending a match, there will be no ticket refunds. No ticketing service fee and/or transportation expense to the match venue will be refundable.

■If any of the following applies to you, please refrain from purchasing tickets and/or attending the match:
  • You do not agree to report promptly to the match organizer when you are infected with COVID-19 within 14 days after the match you attended.
  • You do not agree to the disclosure of personal information in response to the request from the Public Health Center and/or any other public agency when you are infected with COVID-19 and/or suspected as a close contact.
  • You are infected with COVID-19.
  • Any of the following (1), (2) and (3) is applied to you during the past week;
  • (1)You feel unwell (e.g. symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, loss of smell and taste)
     *On the match days, temperature checks at gate will be conducted and those whose temperature is 37.5℃ or higher are not admitted.
     *No refunds will be processed for tickets, ticketing service fee and transportation expense to the match venue.
    (2)Your family member living in the same house or close acquaintance is suspected of being infected with COVID-19.
    (3)You have travelled to a country or region subject to immigration restrictions and movement restrictions after immigration within the last 14 days under the policy of the Japanese government, or, had close contact with a person living in such a country or region.
      MOFA Overseas Travel Safety Information (in Japanese):
  • You had a positive PCR test result in the past and have not been tested negative by an appropriate test laboratory yet.
  • You have been in self-isolation at home as a close contact.
  • Your family member or roommate has been in self-isolation as a close contact.
  • Any of the above (1), (2) and (3) is applied to your family member or roommate.
  • You are not able to wear a mask for some reason.

■If a spectator tests positive for COVID-19

To prevent further spread of infection, information on the infected person including the date of infection and his/her seat number may be posted on the JRFU official website under the direction of the Public Health Center. Please make sure to keep your ticket for at least 14 days after the match. Please keep the contact details of your companion(s) and share the information issued from JRFU with them.

■Notes on entry into stadium

Bags carried by spectators will be inspected upon entry to the stadium for safety management of the stadium. We appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.

<Prohibited items>

  • Firearms such as firecrackers, fireworks and flares
  • Knives and other hazardous materials
  • Ticker tapes and confetti

Other prohibited items as specified by JRFU (*click here for further information)

<Food and Beverages>

  • In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is prohibited to bring any alcoholic beverages into the stadium.
  • Beverages in glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles with a volume of 601ml or more must be transferred to the paper cups provided at the entrance gates.
  • Food may be brought into stadium but only in adequate amount required for personal consumption.

*Food and beverages will be available at concessions in the stadium for the purpose of spectators' health and wellbeing. However, please keep eating and drinking at the venue to a minimum.
*Drinking alcohol is not permitted in the stadium. It is not allowed to transfer alcoholic beverages into any closed containers or to bring themselves into the venue.

■Spectator Rules

  • There will be no day tickets sales. Please make sure to purchase your tickets in advance.
  • If your body temperature is above 37.5℃ as a result of the temperature test at gate, you will be asked to refrain from admission.
  •   *No refunds will be processed for tickets, ticketing service fee and transportation expense to the match venue.
  • Please make sure to wear a mask. There will be no mask giveaways at the match venue.
  • When you take off your mask for any reason, please do so outdoor, keep a distance of at least 2 meters with other people and observe the “coughing etiquette”.
  • Please be seated at your designated seat number. Spectators are not allowed to be seated next to each other (in a sequential order).
  • In unreserved seat areas, please make sure to leave at least a seat with other spectators when securing your seat. Please refrain from moving to other seats.
  • Please note that, where you have a suspected COVID-19 case or are suspected as a close contact, your personnel information registered at TicketRUGBY may be disclosed to the Public Health Center and/or any third parties to the minimum extent necessary from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection.

■Other Notes

  • Please make sure to visit our official website for the details of the match including operation policy, shops, food and drinks and booths available before the match.
  • Troubles with ticket resale websites are happening frequently these days. We strongly recommend you to purchase the tickets through our official ticket sales channels (TicketRUGBY and Ticket PIA). Any tickets confirmed or identified as resold will become invalid and admission may not be allowed.

■Supporters Etiquette under COVID-19 crisis

    Please note that the following acts are prohibited:
  • Drinking alcohol within the venue
  • Cheering in a loud voice or with singing
  • Cheering with whistling with fingers or mouth
  • Watching the match with standing outside the standing room
  • High-fives and/or huddles
  • Inciting other people to do certain forms of cheering
  • Using cheer balloons.
  • Displaying a banner throughout the event.
  • Waving or swinging towel scarves and/or flags including big flags
  • Using megaphone including transistor megaphone
  • Bringing and using noisemakers such as drums
  • Using big flags

For any other acts, please follow the instruction of the venue staff and/or security staff.

Staff will go on patrol in the venue and announce to remind the spectators rules. In case spectators don’t follow the instruction, staff may give a warning. If the spectators still do not follow after the staff’s warning, we may ask such spectators to leave the venue. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

■Ticket Resale Service

If you are not able to attend the match due to unavoidable circumstances, you may visit the JRFU authorized ticket resale website at

■Notice from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

To prevent the COVID-19 spread, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has developed an application called COCOA (Contact-Confirming Application) in collaboration with the Anti-Covid-19 Tech Team. You are recommended to install the application to your smartphone for your use.

For the details and installation of COCOA (link to the MHLW official website):

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